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The Battle of Towton Society

Their website has a wealth of information about the battle,
visit it here:

The PalmSunday Archers


The Crooked Billet is the regular meeting place of this group. They are an enthusiastic group who meet once a month at  the Crooked Billet, they are part of the Towton Battlefield Society, their aim is to preserve the skills and craft of the traditional longbow, a weapon that has helped forge English  history.

You do not have to be a member to attend.  Just turn up and  experienced archers will be on hand to coach beginners in a safe environment.

All ages are welcome. They have specially adapted bows for children and full-size bows for those who want to realise their childhood dreams of becoming a budding Robin Hood.
We’re sure you will enjoy the fresh air, exercise and companionship.




The Ramblers' Church

Since being rescued by a group of walkers in 1931, St Mary's has been known as the Ramblers’ Church. The repairs made then are recorded on the back of the church door. The church stands alone in the middle of a field filled with the bumps and furrows of earthworks that indicate the site of a Medieval manor house, for which St Mary’s was probably originally the chapel.


Nearby is Towton, the site of the War of the Roses battle, believed to be bloodiest in English history which brought the Wars of the Roses to an end in 1461. Ten thousand men are said to have been killed, and Cock Beck, the little stream which you cross to get to St Mary’s, is said to have run red with blood. You can find monuments to crusading knights in this tiny 14th-century church.


Despite its awesome history, St Mary’s is a peaceful place. The tiny rectangular building is very simple. It was probably built by the Tyas family, whose massive grave slabs are set into the floor. Carved with heraldic symbols and inscriptions, and dating from the 13th-century, they are an important and interesting collection.

Later additions were made to the church in the 18th-century, with a rustic pulpit, clerk’s pew, reading desk and painted texts.


Why not end your walk with a meal?

The Crooked Billet is an ideal start and end point for walking
the lanes that surround the area, including the well known War of the Roses battlefield walk, an illustrated guide to the walk is available from us, please ask at the bar.

If you're just walking the dog or exploring the battlefield why not call in for morning coffee and cake?

New tenant Laura Charles has given the Crooked Billet a new lease of life by tending to its quirky and ‘crooked’ charm.

Dancing candlelight and a hearty fresh menu with smaller dishes for ‘Little legs with hungry tums’, make the perfect place to unwind after a countryside stroll through history.


To download details on the walk click here


With so many caches to find in this area the Crooked Billet is pleased to offer you free parking while you are out searching for the many caches hidden in the area.


To find out more about this fun family friendly activity visit the groundspeak website by clicking on the logo below.




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