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The crooked Billet has been running under landlady Laura and her team since January 2013.


The pub is situated just outside the village of Saxton,
just a stone's throw from the famous battle of Towton fields.


Serving a selection of home cooked quality menus
from 9am to 9pm seven days a week the Crooked Billet
is now a popular place to visit by all walks of life.


The Crooked Billet's famous Giant Yorkshire puddings
have been served from the Billets kitchen
for over 30 years and long may it continue.


If you are looking for quality food served with a smile then look no further, The Crooked Billet Saxton ticks all of the boxes.

1. If your pud is not 4” tall it is not a real pud, according to the Royal Society for Advancing Chemical Sciences. The society, which boasts Heston Blumenthal, as a member, has thousands of members working in the food and drink industries advancing our understanding of chemistry. The ruling was started by an Englishman living in the Rockies, USA, who’d had a string of pudding flops and emailed the society asking for scientific advice on how to achieve a great Yorkshire Pudding.


2. The traditional way to eat Yorkshire Pudding was as a separate course before the meal. Folklore tells us that this was a trick used by Mums to fill-up the family so she could serve less meat, the expensive part of the meal.


3. The first Yorkshire Pudding recipe dates back to 1866 and was created by a woman called Mrs Beeton. Later recipes were published in 1737 by ‘The Whole Duty of a Woman’, and then in 1747 in ‘The Art of Cookery made plain and easy’, by Hannah Glasse.


4. Aunt Bessie’s is the best selling brand in the UK with 60% market share and selling up to 20 million Yorkshire Puddings each week, in busy periods, and the brand is now worth £173m. Launched in 1995 Aunt Bessie’s have gone from strength to strength and recently launched hot desserts.


5. In a time when meat joints were roasted on a spit the batter was placed beneath to catch and absorb the meat juices & meat fat. Nowadays that is harder to replicate with fan ovens and alike, although some chefs recommend still using meat juices & meat fat in the mixture.


6. Chefs contest whether the batter should be placed in the fridge overnight, made & left at ambient temperature or like Delia says, ‘Just make it and use it’. We’ll let you decide.


7. The one point that all chefs seem to agree upon is that the fat must be very, very hot when the batter goes in, getting a good sizzle as the batter hits the dripping is the secret to a great Yorkshire Pudding.


8. On 3rd February each year is ‘British Yorkshire Pudding Day’. On the first Sunday of February our traditional pudding is celebrated. Whilst this day may not be as important as so many other national days in the calendar, Yorkshire people are very proud of their national day. As Florence Sandeman, founder of British Yorkshire Pudding Day (BYPD), quite rightly says: “BYPD is not meant to be some sort of serious nationalistic statement with sinister undertones. It is merely a day set aside when everyone, be they British or not, can remember, enjoy and celebrate the joys of an age-old recipe.”


9. A campaign for the protection of the Yorkshire pudding was started in 2007, attempting to achieve the same rights and status as granted to Clotted cream, Stilton cheese and Parma ham. PDO or ‘Protected Designation of Origin’ status means that only products produced in a an agreed geographic location can use that name. The battle was not won and is still on-going. Although there is still hope because in February 2010 Rhubarb was given this status and now the name can only be used if grown in a 9 square mile area in West Yorkshire.


10. In 1970 the last Yorkshire Pudding competition was held and won by a Mr Tin Sung Chan. He was the owner of the local Chinese restaurant called, ‘Chopsticks’.


Laura, Landlady is the heart and soul of the Crooked Billet. Laura leads a strong, happy team and is always ready and waiting to welcome customers old and new.


Our newest member of the kitchen. team. Whoever coined the phrase 'good things come in small packages' must have tried Nicky's food.


Organisation is a key with Helen who runs all of the back office here at the Billet. Helen's sharp skill and no prisoner attitude keeps us all ticking like clockwork.


The trainee of the kitchen, Luke likes to work hard and is a loyal member of our kitchen team. Providing support for our lead chefs and never without a smile, Luke is set to be a talented chef.


With his infectious smile and perfectly polite manner,
Andy is constantly delivering our exceptionally high standards.

Initially a customer at the billet and living locally there is no brighter shining star as our front of house manager Andy.


She does not miss a trick. Our Youngest team leader demonstrates a keen professionalism and is a fine example of our quality waiting staff. When she isn't charming our customers out front she is baking our homemade cakes....
Mary Berry style!!!


The newest member of our kitchen team, Brad brings passion and determination into a busy kitchen, making sure that your steaks are cooked to perfection... every time!


Our joint kitchen leader here at the Billet, James has been chefing for
18 years and been a strong member
of the Billet team for 2 years.

James sets the standard in the kitchen and works extremely hard to make sure all our lovely customers are fed and happy!


The crooked Billet mascot has lived her life at the Crooked Billet,
she can't be missed with her big black ears. She likes to ensure
that all of her customers
come and say hello.


The longest standing member of the Billet team, Ash has worked hard to build the pub from very little and create the Billet it's great reputation. His passion and flair give the billet menu that "little difference, something special..."


Working for the Billet for over
30 years....yes....30 years, Lorraine knows the pub inside out, her eager to please and bubbly manner make it difficult for you to not just adore this fabulous
front of house member.

Tiny TT

Our newest team member to the Billet and son of Coogee, yet to make his debut.