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served daily 9am - 11.30am


Billet Breakfast £7.50

Pork sausage, bacon, grilled tomato, hash brown, baked beans,
black pudding, button mushroom, toast and egg (fried or scrambled)


Bacon & Eggs £5.50

Crispy bacon with either fried or scrambled eggs on buttered toast


Toasted English muffin £5.50

topped with

Fresh spinach and poached eggs

Crispy bacon, poached eggs & hollandaise sauce


All of the above are served with unlimited hot drinks


Breakfast sandwich £4.50

Choice of any 3 items from the billet breakfast menu in a soft roll


Raspberry Pancakes £4.00

Soft pancakes with fresh raspberries and maple syrup


Children's portions available on all dishes priced at £3.50


Tea, coffee, hot chocolate £2.10

Coffee and cake £5.00

Toasted Tea cake £2.50


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